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Catalyzing business with Africa.





Vibrant African Economies 



To help African countries grow their economies by facilitating private sector business relationships steeped in integrity, ethics, and honesty.


We are a consulting company made up of a group of professionals with a diverse background that identifies, facilitates, develops, and invests in projects in Africa.  We understand how to do business in Africa and heavily draw upon the African diaspora to get things done. We work with you as a partner throughout the process without passing you on to some strange firm that you have never heard of because we recognize that your success is our success. We are your gateway to expanding operations or finding partners in Africa. Whether you are looking for partners, new business, expanding your current business in Africa, or simply feeling out the continent for potential business, we will connect you directly with the decision-makers.



  • Project Sourcing
  • Project Financing & Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Market Analysis
  • Introduction to key Decision Makers
  • Country Studies
  • Human Capacity Building


  • Energy

  • Mining

  • Infrastructure Development



We deliver risk mitigation in doing business with Africa. We have created a network of
decision makers across industries in both Africa and the rest of the world to source projects in Africa that our strategic network of investors, project developers, technology vendors, experts and other professionals collaboratively actualize. We have developed partners that we work with on a suite of projects. No project is too large for us.

We know the risk and cost associated with identifying projects in Africa much less developing and commissioning them and understand how frustrating that is. Firms spend thousands of dollars if not millions trying to do business with Africa and often once they  find a project, they are confronted with other risks such as completion, transaction or find out that the project is not real.

We save you money, time and headaches by working with you in finding right projects because we understand the African business landscape. Our partners on the ground with expertise in the field personally visit these sites to ensure the projects  are real. Even when it comes to negotiations, our partner(s) on the ground will set up the appointments and accompany you to the negotiation table to avoid any misinformation, misunderstandings or run-arounds. Though we are based in the United States, most members of our management team have lived, done business and retain close ties with Africa and are personally known by prominent African government and business leaders, lawmakers, community and tribal leaders. We have in-depth knowledge of African laws, regulations and culture. Make us your business development partner.



Dr. Luka Powanga is the co-founder of the Energy Africa Conference (  designed to help Africa meet its Energy Demand. He is also the founding member of the Denver Chapter of the Angel capital Group ( in addition to the Powanga Group focused on connecting US investors to Projects in Africa.  He is also a professor of Finance and Economics in the Anderson College of Business at Regis University.  He worked in the mining and telecommunications industry at local and international levels. He taught at Colorado School of Mines before transitioning to Regis University.  He consults in economic development, mining, energy, international business management, healthcare and education. He has chaired and spoken at numerous academic and business forums.  

Dr. Powanga, holds a BSC degree in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing from the University of Zambia, Masters and PhD degrees in Mineral Economics from Colorado School of Mines USA, with a minor in Finance from Denver University.  He also holds a Masters in Computer Information Technology (MSCIT) and Graduate Certificate in Object Oriented Programming from Regis University.




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